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iPhone 6

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  • iPhone 6/6S Otterbox Pink/Purple (Rose)

    Featuring synthetic rubber interior and polycarbonate shell, this iPhone 6/6S slim and high-performing Symmetry Series case provides reliable protection without compromising looks. With an array of colors and graphics to choose from, you’re sure to find the style that speaks to you.

  • iPhone 6/6S Xqisit Black Magneat Agna cover

     The Magneat Agna Cover has a built-in metal plate which allows you to use it with other Magneat compatible accessories such as Magneat Agna Wallet. Simply place the cover inside the wallet and your back cover is now converted into a functional wallet cover, making it a perfect solution for those occasions when the only things that you need to have on you is your phone and a credit card or cash.

  • Universal Xqisit Black Magneat Agna Magnetic Wallet case

    The Xqisit Magneat Agna Wallet Case is an elegant genuine leather case that features slots for credit cards, a pocket for cash and a snap closure for security. While it DOESN'T HAVE ANY HOLDER FOR YOUR PHONE, it comes with a built-in magnet inside the back cover that allows you to conveniently use other Magneat compatible cases inside the wallet. 

  • iPhone 6/6S Xqisit Transparent Flex Case

    The XQISIT Flex case for iPhone 6/6S is compact enough to easily fit in your pocket while still providing the proper protection from all the dangers of the world. The flexible TPU material provides a smooth, anti-slip surface and wraps around your device to prevent scratches and damage from falls.

  • Muvit Iphone Lightning Car Charger
    Car Charger for all your apple devices by Muvit. 2.4 A output for all your tablets and phones using the lightning connector.
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