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iPhone 6S Plus

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  • iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Agent 18 Pink/Gold Inlay case

    The Agent18 iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Inlay case takes style to the next level. With quality materials inlaid into the back, this case offers a sophisticated look for a polished lifestyle.

  • iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Otterbox Clear/Black (Black Crystal)

    The OtterBox MySymmetry Series allows you to show off your iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus through the clear case back. Its stylish, pocket-friendly design features a dual-material construction which helps protect against drops and ensures that you are not sacrificing protection for style. The raised beveled edge of the Clear Symmetry Case provides additional protection for your touchscreen.

  • iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Evutec Rose Gold (Kalantar) Karbon S Series case

    Protect your iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus with the Evutec Karbon S Series super-slim protective case made of one layer of DuPont™ Kevlar®* woven fibers to provide incredible strength and resiliency in a lightweight design. This case comes with a 0.7 mm slim profile that makes it perfect for those looking for protection without adding any bulk to their devices.

  • iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Evutec Black Apricot Wood S Series case

    The Evutec Wood S Series case for iPhone 6 Plus is a super-slim and protective snap on case made from 100% real, FSC certified mix wood veneers and DuPont™ Kevlar®* woven fibers. The case is manufactured by infusing multiple layers of thin sliced wood with Kevlar® fibers, resulting in a strong yet lightweight case. Each Wood case is then polished several times with a durable finish to make sure the case is resistant to scratches from everyday use. At 0.9mm thin, this case will protect your device without any unnecessary bulk

  • iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Case-mate Champagne Brilliance Barely There

    The Case-Mate Brilliance case for iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus features the sparkling splendor of genuine crystal accented with premium leather. Each crystal is thoughtfully selected and carefully placed to create a dynamic shimmer, adding further distinction and one-of-a-kind appeal to your device.

  • iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Otterbox White/Pink (Neon Rose) Commuter series case

    Built with your hectic life in mind, the Commuter Series iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus case provides protection against oopsies and accidents without being too bulky for your pocket or purse. The Commuter Series offers two layers of protection. The durable silicone inner layer snugly cushions and absorbs the iPhone 6 Plus from impact while the polycarbonate outer layer provides solid impact protection without being too big or bulky. Silicone plugs cover the main openings of the iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus, including the volume controls, power button, headphone jack and charging port. The Commuter Series case maintains complete functionality of the device so you can stay connected while being protected.

  • iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Otterbox Black/Black Symmetry series case

    When it comes to your smartphone, it’s not just about the protection. It’s also about your style, your personality, your life. With OtterBox Symmetry Series you don’t have to choose between a protective case and a stylish one. You can have it all.

    Featuring synthetic rubber interior and polycarbonate shell, this iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus  slim and high-performing Symmetry Series case provides reliable protection without compromising looks. With an array of colors and graphics to choose from, you’re sure to find the style that speaks to you.

  • iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Xqisit Gold Loire case

    Hard shell or soft shell? You don’t have to pick, because with the XQISIT Loire case for the iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus it’s all about the blend. This case combines the best of both worlds. A soft TPU interior absorbs incoming shocks, dampening all sorts of bumps, blows and general carelessness we are guilty of from time to time. If that weren’t enough, the Loire’s robust, PC cover serves as the first line of defense against scratches and wear. But the Loire does more than just keep your phone safe. All of Loire’s colors are made to match the classic iPhone palette. Premium protection and tailored design that make for a seamless fit

  • iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Xqisit Blue Flex Case

    The XQISIT Flex case for iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus is compact enough to easily fit in your pocket while still providing the proper protection from all the dangers of the world. The flexible TPU material provides a smooth, anti-slip surface and wraps around your device to prevent scratches and damage from falls.

  • iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Xqisit Clear/Grey iPlate Odet case

    With the Odet Case for the iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus, XQISIT introduces the optimum balance between safety and design. Odet’s transparent quality reveals the magic behind your device’s conception. But don´t let appearances fool you, its polycarbonate back cover shields it from drops and those dreaded scratch marks. A flexible TPU rim allows your device to easily tuck into the case, while its pre-cut form grants easy access to all of the phone’s ports.