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  • My Kronoz ZeSplash
    ZeSplash is a water resistant* smartwatch that keeps you connected to your phone via Bluetooth. With its capacitive color touchscreen, integrated microphone and speaker, ZeSplash acts as a wireless dialer, allowing users to handle calls directly from their wrist. Compatible with Bluetooth 3.0 and later enabled smartphones, ZeSplash also syncs with Android and iOS smartphones**. ZeSplash lets you listen to music from your mobile device through the built-in speaker. Remotely voice command your phone using voice control through ZeSplash and take voice memos with the recording feature. When your phone is out of range, ZeSplash will alert you with a gentle vibration, protecting against theft or loss. ZeSplash features a built-in pedometer that tracks your daily steps and calories burned. Set up your activity goals on ZeSplash to stay fit and active!


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